This began as a Lenten blog-- a goal to write every day for 40 days during Lent. I failed miserabley and only wrote for about two weeks. But I'm keeping the blog up for my random spurts of writing that I want to share with my friends all over the world.

So here 'goes. A blog full of craziness, absurdity, and sass. Full of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction all inspired by my life.

02 March 2010

Luke Wilson

I used to like Luke Wilson. He was cute in Legally Blonde, funny in That 70s Show, he rolls with Wes Anderson once in awhile.

But now-- now...

I want to punch him in the mouth.

Too many AT&T commercials, too often, no emotion. I actually want to cancel my AT&T service because of those commercials. Seriously.

Second: I'm an aunt! (Sort of). Colin's brother's wife had a baby on February 28, 2010. Her name is Clare Mae Morrissey, and I love her already even though we've never met. And I CAN'T wait to meet her! We will be friends, I think.

Now, can we talk about the Bachelor? What the H was Jake thinking? I have not spoken to anyone who has even liked Vienna a little bit. She is 5 years old and annoying and has trashy fake blonde hair and a tramp stamp. Get real. Tenely was so perfect for Jake, and he will regret his decision.

Okay, now I've got that off my chest and I don't have to think about it any more.

Annnd, this is a crappy entry tonight, but I have a quiz tomorrow, and I have to study.


01 March 2010

I Fell In Love By The Seaside

I Fell In Love By The Seaside
By Kelsey Knoedler

I fell in love
By the seaside
By the seaside
In my red coat
In December
On the coldest day of the year
At the end of the pier
By the lighthouse

As you talked to the seal
By the seaside
By the seaside
And he stuck out his whiskers
And you kissed back
And called him Humphrey
And you held my hand
In your pocket

I fell in love
By the seaside
By the seaside
As we pulled apart pieces of fish
And ate it with our fingers
And the vinegar
From the chips
Stung my hangnail

As we waited for the train
By the seaside
By the seaside
On a bench
Near Dublin
Where the air
Left salt
On my lips